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Working with learners using substances

Who is this course for?

Teachers, facilitators, curriculum and service managers

and those involved in different areas of learning

provision. This training is aimed at those who seek to

make learning provision as accessible as possible to

those using substances problematically.

What will we cover?

This course will support attendees to:

  • Explore the benefits study may bring to learners using substances.

  • Discuss the challenges substance use may present to learners and teachers/facilitators.

  • Identify strategies to support learners using substances to attend and benefit from learning.

During the course of the training we will also:

  • Discuss our own attitudes to substance use and how these may impact the way we work with learners.

  • Reflect on the link between trauma and substance use.

Cost, bookings and queries

For information on costs, booking or if you have any questions about the training, please e mail me at

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