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If you’d like to read more about research that has been done in the areas related to the Reading, Writing and ESOL Project,

please read on. Where is it possible to provide links, these are underlined. Click on the links to read the research.

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Research quoted on this website:

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Related research/articles/training

Anna Reisenberger, David Barton, Candice Satchwell, Anita Wilson, Caroline Law and Simon Weaver, Engaging homeless people, Black and Minority Ethnic and other priority groups in Skills for Life, Research report, the University College London website. Available from  

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The Gift of Reconnection: Trauma informed practice training-Thrive LDN and Nicola Lester Psychological Trauma Consultancy

Trauma-Informed Practice training – Thrive LDN


Wartenweiler, T (2017), ‘Trauma Informed Adult Education: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis’, The Online Journal of New Horizons in Education [online] 7 (2) p96-106 Available from

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