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Who is this course for?

Teacher, facilitators, curriculum and service managers

and those involved in different areas of learning provision.

This training is aimed at those who are new to applying

trauma informed approaches in their work.

What will we cover?

This course will support attendees to:

  • Identify how trauma can impact learning.

  • Discuss a range of trauma informed approaches to support learners in the classroom.

  • Consider how trauma informed approaches can be applied beyond the classroom.

During the course of the training we will also:

  • Discuss what is meant by ‘trauma’ and traumatic experiences.

  • Explore the body’s stress response system and the effects of continued stress.

  • Apply knowledge of the impacts of trauma to learners’ experiences in the classroom, through case studies.

  • Reflect on the need for trauma informed approaches to be embedded throughout the planning, delivery and ending of learning provision.

  • Identify strategies to support learners, our colleagues and ourselves at times when there are limited possibilities for embedding trauma informed strategies, or when our provision is impacted by events beyond our control.


What do attendees say?

‘My team found Sarah’s session really engaging, useful and thought-provoking. 

The balance of theory and practical examples gave everyone the knowledge 

and tools to put the training into action. Also, participants really valued the insights which Sarah brought from her working practice.’


Charlotte Ramuz- Team Leader – ESOL

Bristol City Council

Cost, bookings and queries

For information on costs, booking or if you have any questions about the training, please e mail me at

Embedding trauma informed approaches
in the classroom

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